Apr 23

Developing Smart Growth Leadership That Triggers Profit

Research Report by Korn/Ferry Institute
Author: By James L. Lewis, Leadership that drives profits

Even the most naturally talented leaders are developed in a purposeful manner. Here are some clues through which to identify Smart Growth leaders in your organisation and points to consider when developing such a leadership mindset.

– “They motivate and get the most from themselves and others.
– They effectively navigate the diverse networks and multiple stakeholders within their organization.
– They identify and use information effectively – often through social channels.
– Colleagues tend to endorse them as appropriately empathetic and highly effective in both listening and communicating.
– They relate well to diverse individuals and can delegate and manage work effectively.
– They tend to be particularly inspirational.
– They avoid the appearance and trappings of self-centeredness.”

In order to enhance our pool of these effective leaders, it makes sense that leadership development revolves around nurturing such skills in employee engagement and people management.