A+ Way

Abrie de Swardt & Associates relies on technical experience + our strong network + our research team to fulfill each clients’ needs. We collaborate with like-minded individuals who we trust to identify suitable candidates. In our experience no one firm can claim to be able to cover a full industry scan and as a result, we effectively collaborate to provide the right person for a specific role.

Our process is as follows:

  • Discuss (face-to-face / conference call) position requirements and company culture.
  • Conduct a full needs analysis resulting in a written search assignment that includes the company ‘story’.
  • Establish the search project timetable.
  • Secure company-signed approval of the written search assignment.
  • Conduct pre-search research.
  • Engage with key stakeholders, providing support in the search process.
  • Evaluate the candidate pool from our existing database, extended network and other resources.
  • Identify suitable candidates and develop a short list of candidates that best meet the criteria of the role.
  • Present a short list of candidates to the client and set up interviews.
  • Follow up with both the candidate and client after the meeting and follow the debriefing process.
  • Extend an offer on a company‚Äôs behalf if the candidate is successfully placed.
  • Follow up with the placed candidate and decision-maker at regular intervals.