A+ Edge

Talent Acquisition, Management + Retention

Abrie de Swardt & Associates provides a full range of talent acquisition, management and retention services. Not only do we enhance the career progression of our candidates. We add value to our clients’ core competence. Founded on best practice and integrity, we serve candidates with understanding of their skills, experience and potential. We provide employers with executive thinking and engagement, which boosts talent management efficiency.

As a talent management specialist, we guarantee that the needs of each client receive immediate and personal attention. We offer responsiveness, agility and flexibility to deliver the most optimum cost solution in the shortest space of time. We tailor-make what we believe would be most effective for specific talent related needs.

Our firm is purposefully not a ‘classic recruiter’. Instead, we focus on providing employers with an astute perspective to recruitment and appointment processes, candidate sourcing and placement. Candidates too stand to gain an objective perspective relating to their professional journey.

A+ Edge lies in

  • Our imperative that we have in-depth specialised knowledge of each client and candidate’s industry, the job requirements, work culture and HR policies. We believe that a grasp of the issues that plague the market is essential.
  • Our ability to add to the talent management process through sharing in-depth value chain + first hand learned business acumen. We believe that our job goes beyond a job specification or candidate brief.
  • Our approach of working closely with an employer, understanding the strategic hiring and growth needs, defining the parameters of a search, identifying the targets + understanding candidates’ personal Pull/Push factors, managing and preparing clients’ and candidates’ expectations, and brokering employment contracts. We believe in focusing on our strengths, which lie in value chain or end-to-end supply chain from the buy to sell side, across multiple industries.
  • Our consideration of a candidate’s values, job preferences, skills, background, family commitments, etc. which guide the parameters by which we analyse placement suitability. We believe that the main objective is not to generate short-term employment but to bridge the demand-supply gap.