Abrie is my proverbial ‘go-to man’ for recruitment. His vast experience of the logistics industry, corporate environment,
extensive network and natural intuition for the human psyche, makes for incisive selection and placement.
Completed by professionalism, the A+ value proposition is essential to my business.
Fil Morkel - Logistics Executive Africa Division at IMPERIAL Logistics

A+ Benefits

When it comes to talent management, we have aced our assignments. Candidates and employers can both share in our A+ benefits:

  • Gain access to our established network of more than 10,000 logistics, supply chain and business contacts in southern Africa.
  • Tap into supply and buy side experience across manufacturing, logistics, procurement and planning.
  • Get ahead through our professional candidate positioning, based on functional and technical experience in supply chain management and business.
  • Expedite solutions to your talent management challenges with our rapid and efficient candidate mobilisation process.
  • Leverage our executive experience in large companies as we share our insights on organisational processes and technology.
  • Get in touch with the next generation of logistics and supply chain management professionals through our coaching at tertiary institutions such as the University of Stellenbosch.
  • Download our knowledge of manufacturing, logistics, procurement and planning, which puts us in a position to grasp employees needs at all levels of an organisation.
  • Take advantage of our free Sounding Board Sessions, which we offer as a value add to every candidate within the A+ Network.