A+ Contributions


What’s in an A+ partnership for you?

  • Industry specialist knowledge that provides a customised solution for all your talent requirements.
  • A seasoned executive and dedicated point of contact for direct communication, accountability and decision-making.
  • A firm grasp on your corporate culture, which in turn can assist you to enhance your core business.
  • Recommendations of hand-picked candidates that meet your requirements, as we do not believe in the CV scatter approach.


As a candidate, we offer you a partnership through which to support achievement of your career goals. Our goal is your goal; we are ‘in your corner’ to help you fulfill your ambitions and purpose.

Our value offering to you is based on:

  • A dedicated, executive point of contact.
  • Clear understanding of your professional aspirations and goals.
  • Positioning you in a professional way to appropriate prospective employers.
  • Transparency and honesty, providing you with full feedback from prospective employers.
  • Career guidance and a neutral sounding board on all things in your professional life.