Nov 24

When Your Outsourcing Provider Becomes Your Strategic Partner

Research Report by Aberdeen Group
Author: Madeline Laurano, Research Director, Human Capital Management

Talent acquisition is no longer just an HR initiative. The process of identifying and attracting talent is a key business imperative that can fuel organizational growth and performance. With globalization, shifts in workforce demographics, and the demand for innovation, identifying and attracting top talent has become increasingly complex.

Organizations looking to gain competitive advantage are rethinking their approach to recruitment in order to make leaner and smarter decisions around talent. As a result, the value proposition for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has never been greater. RPO helps companies create greater efficiencies, reduce costs and improve processes during both a strong and weak economy. Historically viewed as a tactical, administrative service, RPO has evolved into a more strategic endeavour – responsible for igniting organizational change and driving business outcomes. Aberdeen studied 243 organizations in the 2012 Strategic Talent Acquisition survey, 105 of which are currently investing in RPO, in order to shed light on the key trends and best practices in this market.