Cheating death with smart growth talent

Research Report by Korn/Ferry Institute
Author: By Peter Everaert, Scott Kingdom and Indranil Roy, Cultivating ‘smart growth’ leaders to outpace the global economy

There is a secret to cheating death in business but it can and should be shared. In short, the right leaders need to be brought on board and at the same time, leadership strength needs to be developed from within an organisation. Smart Growth Leadership is an enabler of such success.

The approach to cultivating a culture of Smart Growth Leadership was created by the Korn/Ferry Institute. It states that such leaders “possess the leadership and operational skills necessary to grow the top and bottom line of a business in an extremely challenging environment, where demand conditions are weak and disruptive change is high.”

We need a new breed of effective leaders, says the Korn/Ferry Institute “need to possess advanced abilities in both maturity and agility to deliver optimal smart growth performance.” They have the ability to operate effectively at the appropriate level of complexity, ambiguity, and scale coupled with facility in handling disruption, speed, and volatility. This period of complexity and uncertainty — in markets, finance and currency — will require leaders to think and act differently to unearth growth where none is evident. Leaders’ shrewdness about growth will make a difference in corporate performance.